Jutsu and handguns

one of my favourite rappers,
C-Reezy used one of my beats!

I’m so damn honoured,

go buy his new mixtape!

"Hair so long, with a cute little body that I just felt up.
You’re my fucking princess, you’re my goddamn Zelda.”


C-Reezy Blunted

tbh I used to be so into you like forever ago before I even knew you spit but your shit is way dope ok I dig

much love to you

Yo what program u use for ur beats?

fl studio 8 

even though you're an independent artist, are you in a crew or 'team' of artists?

everyone who rep Zoot Nation

hey dude where would I find navyblue im pretty sure its frrom ratboy? thx heaps keep doing ur thing
hey dude, is there anywhere i can find ur song navyblue?
Yo what happen to "Kawaii God"?

you can still call me that if you want

I fucking loved your shit on EUPHORIA man

aye thank you